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Fysiopaletti Oy is a company offering physiotherapy services specialised in issues of the lower limb (e.g. ankle, knee, and the hip). The clinic was first founded in 1997 in Turku, Finland and subsequently in 1999 in Salo, Finland.

Our highly experienced and specialised physiotherapists are here guiding you through any issues you may have with the lower limbs. We carry the expertise to examine, give instructions, and rehabilitate all typical problems related to lower limb movement. It is our priority to keep you moving. Over the years we have examined and rehabilitated over 50,000 clients.

We are eager to aid you in any lower limb issues with, for instance, personalised training instructions, custom-made support insoles, various orthopaedic aids, and by selecting just the right kind of footwear for your needs. We represent solely European-made, high-quality footwear brands for walking, running, work, gym, – and for each season.

In addition, FysioPaletti offers the services of skilled footwear experts at JalkinePaletti in which we specialise in providing high-quality shoes for all occasions. Our footwear stores operate in conjunction with the physiotherapy clinics, in Turku and Salo.

Find out more and familiarise yourself with our products through the following link: JALKINEET (in Finnish)

We are always happy to help you at JalkinePaletti. You are welcome to drop in at any time and learn more about our footwear. You may also consult our footwear experts on your lower limb issues as they can guide you forward to our specialists, if required. You are welcome to try on different types of shoes with the guidance of our experts.

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Book an appointment for our specialists/physiotherapists on our website through the following link: AJANVARAUS (book an appointment) or schedule your appointment by phone from our footwear experts.

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